Making Valentines

For Valentine’s Day we set upon the task of making Valentines to send to family and for Arthur to bring to school. With so many options out there, I got excited about the prospect of having our house decorated to the nines for Valentines Day! However, like when looking at new food recipes, I have a tendency to want to make them all…and all at once. I am working on that. So for family Valentines, I reverted back to an all time favorite craft project… Continue reading


The start of Tea For Monkeys

Ever since Arthur was born I have been wanting to start a blog…3 years later, here it is. Since becoming a mom (and before then really), friends, especially new mommy friends, have asked me about green baby products, green cleaning, organics, and now Gluten-free living. I love answering these questions and helping others move towards a healthier and happier way of life. However, I always stress that becoming ‘green’ doesn’t have to become overwhelming and an all or nothing deal. One can take smaller steps and become reasonably green. So, this blog will be a place for me to share the knowledge I have gained in these areas as well as a place to share crafts, learning adventures, and the daily craziness of the kids. Enjoy!!!