Making Valentines

For Valentine’s Day we set upon the task of making Valentines to send to family and for Arthur to bring to school. With so many options out there, I got excited about the prospect of having our house decorated to the nines for Valentines Day! However, like when looking at new food recipes, I have a tendency to want to make them all…and all at once. I am working on that. So for family Valentines, I reverted back to an all time favorite craft project…

First we had to paint the paper for the hearts (you can imagine with a 3 year old and a 21 month old it was more set up and clean up than actual painting time!)

Arthur painting

Once the paper is dry, cut out hearts and place on contact paper with the painted side attached to the sticky side . I tape down the contact paper to the table…

Cut out hearts on contact paper

Then, place cut out tissue paper over the hearts. Now, I will be honest, the pictures look like this part is very controlled…well, it lasts that way for the first couple minutes, then, well, there is tissue paper everywhere;-)


Arthur being 'careful'

Once tissue paper is on, add second heart on top with paint side facing up. Peel back rest of contact paper cover (?) and carefully smooth on top so as not to have too many air bubbles. A helpful tip- put a small piece of tape between the two hearts so the top ones do not slide off when you are folding over the contact paper (does that make sense?).

With second heart and contact paper folded over

Finally, cut out, punch hole in top, add ribbon, and sign!

final product


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