Cricket Art

Me: Now Arthur, if we listen really well when we are painting, maybe we can get a special treat.

Arthur: Like a M&M or MUD!!!!

This was a fun project and was great for doing in stages. I saw the original idea here and fell in love with it right away. I gave the boys a few choices of what they could put on their canvas (I scoped out the punches at a few art stores ahead of time) and Arthur was adamant that they use crickets (so happy he chose the bug). George went along with Arthur. So here is a step by step of how this played out. Continue reading


Gluten-free ‘Bananzie’ Muffins

Gluten-free ‘Bananzie’ muffin

When I found out I had celiac I mourned a few things: the chocolate croissants from Versailles, fresh pasta at Pasta Nostra, and a real New York bagel. However, the thing that I mourned the most was my mother’s banana bread/muffins. She received this old family recipe from a friend at sewing shop in Brooklyn, NY over 30 years ago. Everyone who has tasted this recipe has always said hands-down it is the best they have ever had. Continue reading

Sorting trays

Arthur's choices

For awhile now I have been wanting to get sorting trays for the boys. However, I never seemed to be able to find ones that I really liked, and that were at a reasonable price. I fell in love with this one on Mariah Bruehl’s wonderous site Playful LearningAfter reading through her amazing book I used my detective skills and took a guess at where she may have gotten her sorting tray…I found it!  Continue reading

Skating with Varsity

Arthur has really wanted to skate during hockey practice with the girls Varsity team at New Canaan Country School (Scott is the coach). Because of ice times, rain and more rain, nap times, and his ability to stand and move on skates, he had to settle for free skate on the last day of the season. Here are some pictures of Arthur skating with the big kids…and the first time he skated with his dad!

Continue reading