Looking for Spring

Looking at fungus

Arthur’s new favorite thing is his magnifying glass. He sleeps with it, he eats with it, he reads with it, he explores with it. So, with Scott and Arthur both having a couple of days off from school, I thought it would be a fun idea to look for Spring at one of our favorite places: The New Canaan Nature Center. Across the seasons I have been bringing the boys here to explore how the landscape and habitants are changing. We watched the skunk cabbage grow from shoots to full leaves to turning brown, the frogs getting larger (and louder) and then brominating in silence, the birds migrating (one of our favorite places to bird watch), and the bee hives buzzing and then falling silent. So with the days oddly feeling like spring, we grabbed our treasure bags and off to the Nature Center we went!

Checking out moss

Awesome woodpecker holes

Looking for something green...

Found it!

Listening for frogs...still silent

Warming up our hands

Ok, so maybe it was still a bit cold. But, we had a fun trip discovering!!!


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