Treasure Boxes

Final Product

So, Arthur was sick and I had another whole day to fill since I could not send him to school. I had a bunch of stickers that I had been holding on to. I felt they were too nice to quickly have the boys put onto paper and then walk away from to only have them later to be torn up and laying sadly all over the kitchen floor. I don’t know, maybe I was reverting back to my tween years when I could not ever have too many stickers and prized them. Remember the scratch and sniff cabbage patch ones!!! Anyway, I figured why not have the boys put them onto boxes and create some ‘treasure boxes’. A good multi step project to spread over the day or a course of two.

First, pick out some boxes and let the boys choose which ones they want to paint.

Box choices


Add the stickers.

Construction zone stickers

Cover with a few coats of Modge Podge (love this stuff!!) and let dry. Done.

Final Product


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