Sorting trays

Arthur's choices

For awhile now I have been wanting to get sorting trays for the boys. However, I never seemed to be able to find ones that I really liked, and that were at a reasonable price. I fell in love with this one on Mariah Bruehl’s wonderous site Playful LearningAfter reading through her amazing book I used my detective skills and took a guess at where she may have gotten her sorting tray…I found it! Ikea! Perfect! So with the weather once again feeling like Spring, I took the trays (thank you Oma for the quick run to Ikea) and we went outside to ‘play’.

In Arthur’s tray he/we sorted straight sticks, bended sticks, smooth rocks, pointy rocks, and leaves.

rocks, rock, rocks

George needed some help still. So with placing a few objects already in the spaces,

Starting George's tray

he was then able to try and search for more matching objects.


The boys had a great time with this activity, especially because it involved digging up the yard and looking for rocks!

Digging for rocks. Favorite past time.

"Mama, big rock"

"Mama, tired"

Note the un-sorted Oak leaf. Enough playful learning Mama;-)

Because the sorting trays have been a hit, I am hoping to make these rainbow sorting bowls soon.

From 'The Enchanted Cupboard' on Etsy

Until then, it is easy enough to cut paper to size and place in the sorting trays so that the boys can sort their toys by color!

Or, you can put one toy in each section and let them find other items to put in.


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