Rainbow jars

Many friends upon entering our kitchen comment how they love the rainbow jars on our windowsill. Others ask, “What are those?”. Arthur and George love them and are constantly looking through them, shaking them up, and finding ways to catch the light and turn objects a different color. They are also a perfect accessory for when Arthur sings the hit ‘ROY G BIV’ from Here Comes Science by the Might Be Giants (they make kids music now, seriously, and it ROCKS).

They are super easy to make and you can turn it into a great science and art lesson. Fill 6 or 7 glass jars with water. You can start with the primary colors (Red, Yellow, Green) and then talk about the secondary colors (orange, green, purple) and how you make them. When putting the drops in the water, have the kids guess how many food coloring drops you need to put in (hint…usually not too many- you can always water down the color if you need) and then have them watch how the color bleeds into the water and in some cases mixes to create the new color. Add some glitter if you like, put top on tightly, and enjoy!


During the morning, they also cast a beautiful rainbow across our kitchen cabinets and stove…that also is a fun lesson!

Note: If you are nervous about having glass jars rolling around the kitchen, these water shimmer blocks from Guidecraft are always a great alternative.

Here is a group that Sarah L. made with her class! Thanks for sharing Sarah!!!

14 thoughts on “Rainbow jars

  1. Made these with my class today! They loved watching the food coloring make it’s way to the bottom of the jar! Our tops didn’t fit well so we tried gluing them closed. It was a disaster! =P So we will make them again later with different jars and tight fitting lids. =)

    • Yeah, I found some great jars… a couple jam jars…you just have to check them. I had used duct tape on one of the first ones and that seemed to give them a little extra;-)

  2. Oh thanks for sharing this blog with us, Dylan LOVES rainbows so I will start keeping jars so we can do this project at home. I am thrilled that my son has such an engaged teacher – thanks a million!

    • Thanks for checking it out. Yeah, my son Arthur loves rainbows at the moment too…so these have been a constant in our home! You can also fill half the jar with a clear oil (canola or rice bran…baby?) and watch how that changes things when they shake it up….so much fun!

    • Thanks for checking it out! So happy you like it…I must say I love your blog too…gives such great inspiration… also LOVE your Etsy store (HeartbyKerry)!

  3. These a beautiful! My son is right into mixing colours into water at the momen – we go through several jars of food colouring every week! Seriously! We will have to make some of these. I’m also excited to hear that They Might Be Giants are now making kids music!

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