Celery Flowers

Celery Prints

At the moment my boys love using stamps. When teaching 1st grade Science I used to do a couple of ‘seed’ labs with the kids and one of them involved stamping cut fruits and veggies to later find the seeds. This too, on its own, is a beautiful art project. My friend and amazing artist Amy Gorrek did a similar project with celery which ends up looking like a flower. Now, there is a point to this rambling…. I have been meaning to reorganize this one disastrous wall in our kitchen that holds messages, coupons,weekly menus, to do lists, a chalk board, dish towels, junk, junk…SO, one of my first projects to calm this area was to make my own weekly menu and ‘to do’ boards. I love the idea of putting a lovely pice of art behind a frame and using that as a ‘wipe’ board…so these celery prints will do the trick… Soon I will post the full kitchen wall orgainzation…it is in the works!!

First cut off the bottom of a bunch of celery

Then stamp in or use a brush and paint over…then stamp…so simple!

Celery Prints


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