Memory Jar

With two crazy toddlers on the lose, we are always saying “We have to write that down.” Arthur and George are constantly coming up with hysterical phrases, answers to questions, statements, and actions. Up until now, I have tried to rely on my memory (for short term things is horrible) or have jotted things down on random pieces of paper only to lose them in the shuffle of life. So when my friend Debbie came upon this great idea of a memory jar on Pinterest (where else?!), I knew I had to make one. It would be easy to keep on my desk and quickly drop in a fun memory:

Me: George, what is in your mouth?


or more recently…

George: boogies.

oh, great.

Or a laugh inducing comment from Arthur behind the bathroom door: Hip, hip hooray. My stinky came down!

Then, at the end of the year you can take them all out. Read them and laugh. Then place them in a scrap book or in your yearly photo album.

So here it is.

I grabbed a jar from the basement, some great paper, and Mod Podge.

I asked Scott if he could please write the letters for me (my writing is like chicken scratch). With those cut out, I just Mod Podged them to the jar. So simple. You should make one today.


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