Straw Watercolors

I saw this watercolor painting on the wonderful blog Grow Creative and thought it would be fun to adapt and try out with the kids.

First I taped the watercolor paper to the table. This helped keep it in place, obviously, but also allowed for a border.

Next I made sure the watercolors were pretty saturated and gave the boys brushes and straws ( I used the short stubby straws from their sippy cups). Now, I found that George (almost 2) did not have enough umph in his lungs yet for this project, however, that was fine. He always enjoys painting and this time he just experimented blowing and painting with the straw. Arthur (3.5) and I worked together on his. We made sure the watercolor spot was fairly wet when we put it on the paper and then he would line up his straw and blow.

It was a fun project on a rainy day. Here is what we came up with.



Have you done something similar? Let me know about it!!


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