Tissue paper and bird cards

I have this idea for a larger project, but wanted to take a test run with the boys to see if it could work. I mentioned to them that we could use the bird and cricket craft punches that we used for our cricket paintings (which you can check out here) and they were totally game. This project came right in time, for we had to make some cards for my grandmother for Mother’s day. I thought this would be a great project for that.

What we used:

  • two pieces of kid craft paper
  • tissue paper
  • craft punch
  • fun scrap paper
  • mod podge (if you do not have this on hand, I have used slightly watered down glue in a similar project)
  • paint brushes

I taped the craft paper down to the table to help contain the craziness. Then, I had the boys mod podge the tissue paper pieces (I pre-cut these) to their craft paper.

George watching tissue paper floating to the ground

More falling tissue paper…

Then while the mod podge is still wet, I had them use the punch (George still needs some help) to punch out birds and crickets. Since the mod podge was still wet, they could put their ‘punches’ right onto the card. If needed, once they are done, you can always paint a quick layer of mod podge over the top to make sure the ‘punches’ do not fall off. Let dry and you are done!


3 thoughts on “Tissue paper and bird cards

  1. Hey D, love this idea! Random question…ate the rainbow jars in the background just water and food coloring?

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