Constructing a Quick Outdoor Fort

Our neighbor recently trimmed branches from the trees that lined our mutual driveway. They have been in a pile for a few days, so I figured we could use a few to help create a fort. This was super easy and took us maybe 5-10 minutes. I think we did pretty well, I mean, I am not sure if Bear Grllys is going to contact us any time soon, but  I am happy with what we came up with! The boys had a great time…

Building the fort.

In they go!

“Mom, I have to go fishing now.”

Do you have any fun outdoor fort ideas?


4 thoughts on “Constructing a Quick Outdoor Fort

  1. Hi I’m Jenny from Let the Children Play and I’m currently writing an ebook on natural backyard playscapes. I’m writing to ask permission to use some of the wonderful images from this post to show other parents what is possible in their own backyards, along with some quoted text from the post. I would credit you of course, and provide a link back to the blog and you would also appear in the list of contributors at the front. Thanks so much for your consideration, Jenny

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