A New Outdoor Playscape

My boys love to be outside. I love to be outside. Therefore, we are outside as much as possible. It is a great place to run, jump, explore, and to also learn. Lots of playful learning opportunities! So, we had this ‘dead’ corner in our yard and I so wanted to turn it into a place that fostered creativity, exploration, and play. With help from our dear friends Jackie and Justin who happened to have plenty of extra logs and fallen trees (we had a rough Fall here in NE) lying around at their new house, the new playscape has started to take shape. So, so, so excited for the possibilities as it develops more. I couldn’t wait though,…so here is a sneak peek and of course some playful learning examples in there as well!

First the new table and stools.

Then, a whole bunch of wooden blocks that can be used for all sorts of things…


Sorting by size…

Sorting by texture: “smooth” & “bumpy”…

Sorting by short and tall…



more rolling

And finally, they can be used in their “construction zone”.

“Mom, it is a tamper.”

“making special cement”

What a fun time in our new outdoor playscape! I will post some more on this soon…


8 thoughts on “A New Outdoor Playscape

    • Thanks for checking it out. Ya know, just keep your eyes peeled. I have found many logs, branches, and the such on other people’s yards after they have done yard work. Most of the time they are happy to have you help them by taking it away!;-)

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