Painting Flower Pots and Planting Jade

Today was Arthur’s last day of  the school year. As he said goodbye I don’t think he really grasped that he wasn’t going to see his teachers again for a while. As his teachers got teary eyed saying goodbye to him, I had to try hard not to lose it. Why? Because I know how much Arthur loves his teachers. If he could have taken Ms. Maura home with us, he would have. Over the school year, he talked about her non stop and couldn’t help having a smile on his face whenever he talked about her. She cried when she hugged him goodbye today. Arthur is a quite kid, an introvert at times, tentative at times, and these two amazing ladies really helped him come into his own over this school year. Today his teacher Ms. Colleen once again remarked at how much she and Ms Maura loved watching him learn. “He is a sponge for information. We love to watch him learn. You can see he is taking it all in and contemplating it.” We are truly grateful for the love and care they gave him.

When it came time to figure out something to give to them, I really wanted it to reflect Arthur and his growth. I settled on him planting some jade cuttings from our jade plants. I love jade plants, and my two large plants are offsprings from plants from my mother. They are easy to reroot and plant. So that is what we did.

First, a few months ago we found some pieces that fell, broke, ahumm- were pulled off, and placed them in a glass of water. From here, they then grew new roots.

Once the roots were ready, they were ready to be planted. Note: the roots should probably be a bit longer than in the picture bellow, but these guys are hardy and as long as they are on/ in dirt they will grow.

Here is how we put it all together the other day.

First we painted the pots. I had Arthur dip the pots one by one, half way, into a large bowl of white paint. Then we let them dry over night.

When it was time to plant, we put a few stones in the bottom of each of the pots.

Then Arthur, with help from George, filled the pots with dirt.

Next, Arthur carefully arranged the jade plants in the dirt, and George watered them.

And then they were done!

If you want to know some other great ways to plant succulents check out Dalton’s fabulous idea of using old baby jars as planters here on Eat.Make.Play.

*Also, don’t you just love Arthur’s sweatshirt?! He has gotten a ton of use out of it. Check out how to add custom letters onto an article of clothing here.  It is a great gift idea. Thanks Dalton!

8 thoughts on “Painting Flower Pots and Planting Jade

  1. What a great teacher gift idea- and a nice little science lesson in fragmentation for the kiddos 🙂
    Love that Arthur is still rocking the sweatshirt (and making full use of the hoodie feature). It looks great on him!

    • Thanks! So happy you like the blog. Just checked out yours…lots of wonderful things, creative and educational, and looks like it will be useful for me as my boys get older;-)

    • I know, I was thinking the same thing…was also thinking of having them stamp another color with okra for a fun “flower” pattern/ shape.
      Thanks for checking out the blog and for the comment!

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