Sorting Shells

With the weather turning warmer, we have been venturing to one of our favorite destinations for play and exploration: the beach. Over the past couple trips we have collected some shells, rocks, seaweed, rock snails, and crabs. We got to build sand castles and we, and I really mean Arthur here, got to release some energy and romp around  in the waves during high tide…

and we spent time examining tide pools during the low tide. George had fun watching and stopping the waves…

To remember our time at the beach, we collected a few of our favorite shells and have placed them on our memory and discovery tray in our dinning room. Today, a great use for our shells was sorting. I have written about our sorting trays before in my post here. So, we went outside, and after some good running around time, we sat down and checked out our shells during some playful learning. I placed the sorting trays on the table alongside the shells and asked the boys to tell me about the shells and asked how we could sort them. George was kinda just along for the ride on this one, but enjoyed observing the shells, placing them in his tray and, ahumm, taking orders from Arthur! Here are some pictures and what they came up with…

Arthur: here are the small shells…and rocks…

Sorted by different kinds of shells…

Once again, we had a wonderful playful learning activity!

On that note, I wanted to share with you all how excited and honored I am to have had two of my posts, Printmaking with Cars & Toys and A New Outdoor Playscape, featured as weekly favorite activities on the wonderful blogs, The Outlaw Mom and Let’s Lasso the Moon. As a result of this, Mariah Bruehl from the phenomenal blog Playful Learningfound my playscape and pinned it to her Pinterest board commenting on it as a wonderful playscape. For this, I am truly honored for I look to Mariah Bruehl as a wealth of information when it comes to creating and fostering exceptional learning experiences. I encourage you all to please check out these fabulous blogs!!!!


12 thoughts on “Sorting Shells

  1. This is a beautiful post Davina (and such gorgeous photos!). Thanks for linking up wih the Weekly Kid’s Co-op. I’ve shared this on the Kid’s co-op FB wall and pinned it to the Kid’s Co-op Pinterest board. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for checking out the post and for featuring it! I just checked out your blog too and it is great…what a wonderful idea…I will be following!

    • My gosh, thank you so much!!!! I love your blog and the All Year Round Summer Carnival is fantastic. I am so glad I found it! Yes, we had a great time at the beach and know that in the days ahead we will be spending a great deal of time there exploring and playing!

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