Stencil Art

I have had a project in mind, but first needed to see how to best go about making some colorful animals. A little while back, I saw this wonderful post on Grow Creative on how to use watercolors and stencils. I thought her products were so beautiful I wanted to try it out too. Now, I wasn’t sure how it would go with the boys, so I tried two different medias: watercolors and Do a Dot markers.

First I cut some watercolor paper down to size. Then, I taped the stencils to the watercolor paper.

Note: I waited to take the stencils off once all the paint and markers were dry.

Watercolor results…

Now the Do A Dot Markers…

Arthur and George were having such a blast with the Dot markers I quickly taped more stencils to paper…

Love the results…

I love the results from both the watercolors and the Do A Dot markers. However, I think the markers are the way I will go for my future project…stay tuned for that! The watercolor ones are going to find homes in some frames, so excited.

Thanks Elise, over at Grow Creative, for inspiring such a fantastic art project!!!!


18 thoughts on “Stencil Art

    • Thanks!!! I know, I am so happy with the results….you must check out some of the other amazing projects at Grow Creative…I think some of your older kids may enjoy them;-)

    • Thank you so much!!! I just checked out your blog too…so much fun! Love the post on the mud play;-) Just started following….Thanks again for checking out my blog!

  1. These are great! They turned out so nicely! The dot markers are a great idea too. Thanks for trying out my project and mentioning me here. Have a nice day!

    • So true…the boys had a great time with it…they have actually be asking to make more (post on that soon;-))! You should really check out Grow Creative…she has such amazing artwork and tutorials! Thanks for checking out the post and for the comment…

  2. These are so fun and colorful! I bet my little guy would love to try this with water colors. I’ve been wanting to purchase the dot markers…now, I may just have to. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much! Yep, both watercolors and the dot markers worked well…the dot markers a bit better for the younger age…I will have a post soon on how we did this again along with a painting to make a Father’s Day gift….
      Thanks for the comment!

  3. I LOVE this idea. We are big fans of do-a-dot markers, but I’ve never thought about using them in stencils. I bet the boys were so proud of themselves!
    Also, where did you get your stencils? They look awesome.

    • They totally were…Arthur could not get enough of them…he keeps asking to do more, hence, the Father’s Day craft!!!!
      I got my stencils at Michael’s. I love them for the DO A Dot markers, but for the watercolors, thy were almost ruined b/c the boys are still learning about moderation when it comes to water;-) I have been looking for some good plastic ones to use more for the watercolors…when I find ones I like for that, I will let you know!!!

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