Animal Canvases For Father’s Day

With Father’s Day past, I can now show how we spent another busy day(s) making gifts. I had some grand plans for a much larger project (which I will explain later), however, we just plain ran out of time! The first step was to repeat our successful animal stencil project (remember how I mentioned I had plans for something else- well this is it!). Since we had already experimented with watercolors and the dot markers, I knew that the dot markers was the way I wanted to go with this one. So, I had the boys choose what animals they wanted to make and I taped the stencils onto the pre-cut watercolor paper. Then, the boys got to work.

I think they came out pretty well…

Next, we cleaned up, took a little break and had a quick snack of gluten-free banana muffins that were fresh out of the oven. I would have taken pictures of the boys making them, but I was only half way into my cup of tea, so I wasn’t totally up to speed yet;-)

Then, we set up for round two. I got out the canvases and paint. We talked about where the animals live and what colors we would need to paint their habitats. I know, I know, the animals look like they ran through a rainbow, but it was fun;-) Arthur came up with ideas like: forest for the moose, mountain for the bear, savannah for the giraffe and elephant, and field for the lion. George just repeated what Arthur said and asked for another muffin. They got to work…

As Arthur finished up with the painting, George was concerned about washing his hands: his new favorite thing to do.

Let them dry completely before you do the next step. Here is how they turned out…

Ok, once everything was dry, I cut out the animals and got the foam adhesives ready. For another project, and how I bill these adhesives as ‘stickers’ check out our Cricket Art.

So, I helped the boys put on the ‘stickers’ and had them stick the animals to the canvases.

Now, I had planned to also have the boys make trees out of this great craft paper and glue them on and then bunch up green tissue paper and glue it on as grass…but well, we were done. That will have to be the next project!!!

I think they turned out well though! Scott loved his and so did the grandpas….hopefully Uncle Chandler and Uncle Alex (their Godfathers) have gotten them in the mail by now too;-)

Please share any fun projects you did for Father’s Day….I would love ideas for future birthday and holiday gifts!

6 thoughts on “Animal Canvases For Father’s Day

    • Thanks so much…I have been experimenting with the photography, trying to brush up on old photo classes!!! I know, I love the picture of George washing his hands….he is kinda obsessed with it at the moment…if the door is open, that is where you will find him!!!

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