Rainbow Sorting Boxes

This project is really the first part of a two part project I have been thinking about. For a while now I have been wanting to make some rainbow sorting bowls for the kids. Of course, I didn’t want to buy all the beautiful ones out there but wanted to find my own unpainted bowls and have the boys paint them. However, here I amĀ months later and still no bowls. So, when my mother found these crates,

I thought they would work out well fro various reasons. They could not only be used as sorting ‘bowls’ but also for stacking, nesting and for whatever else the boys dream up! So away we went with the paints. Now, I let the boys choose which color they wanted to do and we did the painting in stages.

Arthur is done.

Yes, George is painting the table.

Time to clean up and on to the next set!

I ended up doing the last two, blue and orange, for the boys were ready to move. I am happy with how they turned out.

The boys have already used them for stacking,

for sorting colors,

for their farmer’s market, “Mom, just hold on, I am getting the farmer’s market ready.” If you could hear him, he is explaining, to George, what needs to go in each box.

And of course for making balls “Pop, pop!!”.

This was a fun project with results that will let the boys use their imagination and learn during play. I can’t wait to finish the next part!!!

7 thoughts on “Rainbow Sorting Boxes

    • I know, I love that I was able to have them work on painting them. They had a blast. This morning, Arthur was already “making a rainbow” and trying to get George to sing along to “ROY G BIV”…George thought it was more fun to make and try to walk in his “rainbow boots”. I heard him shuffling around in them in the dinning room!!!

      • I got Eli painting for the first time the other evening. The next morning he was up before 6 to grab his paint brushes and beg to paint again. This is the boy who would sleep until 8:30 or even 9:30 normally if we don’t have to get ready to go anywhere! I loved the photos of your boys paining! What kind of paint did you use?

  1. Karen, that is great to hear! I love that Eli is so excited about painting and it is so fun when they are eager to continue with a new found interest! Since this project was going to require a larger amount of paint (knowing the boxes were large and that paint tends to also make it onto the boys, the table, the floor, etc), I just used the Crayola washable tempra paint.

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