Blueberry Picking and Planting

The weather has been wonderful lately. Warm with a very welcomed low humidity. Because of this, I feel we have been outside as soon as the sun comes up and running around until it is time for dinner. Yesterday, we took advantage of this glorious weather and spent the first part of the morning blueberry picking. For this, we went up to one of our favorite farms: The Jones Family Farm. Arthur, having gone with me the past two summers, was excited for the trip and to ride the ‘Berry Ferry’.

I was curious if he would ask the same question he did last year as we hopped on the back of the ferry. A little note: this farm also has wonderful strawberries, a pumpkin festival in the Fall, and cut your own Christmas trees, winter festivities, and of course, Santa. You will notice the importance of this later. George was also excited for his first berry picking experience, especially since blueberries are high on his favorite food list. If you give him a pint of blueberries, it is kind of like watching a competitive eating race. He stares it down and doesn’t take a breath. Anyway, here are a few shots of our morning exploring the blueberry patch.

Yes, Arthur is eating blueberries directly off of the bush. Goodness.

By 10 AM we had picked, and eaten, plenty of berries. We all were getting warm, so it was time to hop back on the ‘Berry Ferry” and head home.

So here was Arthur’s question, the same question he asked last year, when we hopped onto the ferry for our ride down to the fields, “Is Santa on the Berry Ferry?” What do you think?

George: winter of 2010 at the Jones Family Farm

Arthur & Santa: Winter of 2010

Guess you figured out what Santa does during the off season!

So once we got home, we had some quick planting to do. The wonderful Jackie had dropped off a beautiful little blueberry bush for the boys. What a fantastic way to complete our blueberry morning.

First, we dug a hole in a fairly sunny spot (hard to find in our backyard). Then, we unwrapped the little bush and brought it over to the hole,

put it in the hole,

placed some dirt back on top of the roots,

made sure the dirt was patted down,

gave it some water and we were done!

Now, on the way on the way out of the car when we first got home, Arthur and George found my lingering berry winter hat. So after the planting and a long hot morning, the boys wanted some water time. George kept the hat on for a good 20 minutes.

My plan for this afternoon is to try out making a new blueberry muffin recipe and Scott plans to make some jam with Arthur, par his request.

Thanks again for reading and checking out our morning of blueberry adventures!


9 thoughts on “Blueberry Picking and Planting

    • Would love to go up there and pick raspberries…have a great scone recipe with them;-) Yeah, Arthur, was kept checking him out the whole ‘ferry’ ride. You can’t get anything past him!!!!

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