Photography with kids

My geeky self so wishes one of my kids will grow up to be a paleontologist or a geologist. I love the idea of wearing a shirt that says, “My kid digs rocks”. However, if they decide to live out one of my other wishes, to become a National Geographic photographer, I would be just as excited. So, I guess it is fitting that with my passion of photography kicking up again (thanks to my blog) and the ever presence of my camera in my hands, Arthur and George have also gotten more into photography. So yesterday, I thought I would give Arthur a shot with my (gulp) camera. He was very excited to be using my camera instead of their play ones. I talked to him about finding things he was interested in to take pictures of, how to frame the shot by looking through the eye hole, looking for light, focusing, and then pressing the button fully down. Then, we also talked a bit about how he could change his stance, or lay down to take a better shot, or get closer to the subject. We had a blast, and Arthur was so excited to be able to see his pictures on the back of the digital camera (he figured out real quick how to scan his recent pictures and used that to adjust his next shot- mom, I need to get closer this time-…so crazy) and then later when we loaded them onto the computer. So, since it is my artsy sister’s birthday, I figured it would be a good day to share a few of Arthur’s pictures!  Happy birthday Katherine!!!

Looking for light

“This one is for you mom.”

Taking a picture, looking at it, and then changing the next shot.

Study on angle and perspective.

Hope you enjoyed Arthur’s adventure with photography. I can’t wait to take it outdoors!!!

Do you have a suggestion for any good kid friendly cameras?

18 thoughts on “Photography with kids

  1. Thanks, we were happy with his pictures too. I am already planning on framing some to put up on the wall. Maybe he will do a photo shoot for NG at a dino dig…oh, his mom would be SO excited!

  2. This is great! We recently did something like this, but my little guy still has a pretend camera (so we take pictures “together.”) I love seeing what they choose for subjects. I can’t wait to see what your little guy snaps outdoors! 🙂

    • Thanks!!! Yeah, both my boys seem to love the idea of taking pictures. Arthur really gets into it and studies his surroundings. I too am so excited to see what he finds interesting outdoors!!!

  3. My 2.5 yo got a camera for his 2nd birthday. We went the Fisher-Price camera for kids and bought it at Target, but I sometimes let him use my Powershot (w/supervision). His photos keep creeping into my blog. His interest in photography began last summer when hubby and I were making a feature film. His dad was the cinematographer so that got him interested. I love the photo we have of him w/the big camera that summer!

    • Love your blog! Sounds likes lots of fun over there….it is always great when our kids take interest in our own passions….a great way to share. I look forward to seeing his other pictures!

    • Thanks so much for checking out the post!! Yeah, that is how it started. Arthur, and now also George, loved to walk around with our old cameras and “snap” pictures. I am so happy I gave Arthur mine to see what he was actually looking at! I can’t wait to have him take more pictures.

  4. Hi Davina. I love this post! Just popping back to let you know I’m featuring it as one of my favourites from last week’s Tuesday Tots. My post will be live in an hour or so.

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