Nature Nature Walk Walk Walk

We have been taking many nature walks this Autumn. Some are with the whole family, some are with me and the boys, and some special ones for just George and me while Arthur’s curiosity and wonder is being fueled by school. On these walks, the boys are examining the change is the season from Summer to Fall as well as how things are changing as season itself progresses.  Additionally, we took pre and post hurricane Sandy walks to see how one of our favorite hiking place, the New Canaan Nature Center, had been effected. And just as importantly, they boys have just been running and jumping and climbing on the trails and enjoying the splendor of beautiful crisp days.

Here are a bunch of images from our explorations!

Checking out the grasses..and jumping.

Checking out the insides of the beehive. George touched a bee, “Look mom, a bee. Right there!”

Running down the paths to see if the ducks were at the “bird pond”.

“Crunchy leaves.”

“Look geese…they are still here!”

Looking for the frogs…and trying hard not to slip into the water…oh, it happened! Arthur, “Mom, mom. How about this idea. I just get closer, OK?”

George telling me the colors of the leaves.

Looking for frogs in our favorite secret path which you can see here.

Much easier to get too, well through.

Then a post Hurricane Sandy (and snowstorm) walk with George.

Looking for frogs on this “fishing” side….

and on this side… “Shhh, mom.”

and getting a closer look…

..then, taking a rest on the dock.

Running ahead on the board walk and jumping off. “Found me!!”

“George, what are looking at?” “You.”

Slowly making our way back home…George stretching out every. last. minute. “What you looking at there?” “Worm poop.” Excellent.

And finally the other day…

Feeling the softness of seeds…

Fishing with sticks…a favorite in our favorite spot. We have also gotten big on making “rivers” out of the mud on the pond bank…messy, really messy. Thank goodness for the change of clothes in the car.

Catching the last of the falling leaves….

Dark coming and seeing the bats coming out…SO cool. Can you find it?

My gosh. Some amazing walks. I find that those hours, those days are the ones that run the smoothest. The ones where everyone is the happiest.

Soon I hope to share some of the amazing treasures we found along our hikes and how we have transferred those back into our home for further observation and discovery!


6 thoughts on “Nature Nature Walk Walk Walk

  1. Thanks for the comment Kristy. Yes, the boys LOVE the New Canaan Nature Center. Most often, that is the place they ask to go to first thing in the morning, after nap time, anytime…and that makes me SUPER happy too!

  2. What beautiful pictures. Truly captures the pure joy of a walk in the woods on a fall day in New England. Definitely miss those!! And your boys look so grown up-I can’t believe it. Looks like they have fun together!!!

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