A color study: fungus…and some seeds


Happy New Year! I apologize for my break in posts. The past couple months have been filled with numerous birthdays, the birth of my first niece (!), my sister’s wedding, relatives visiting from Holland, sickness, George going on a nap strike (when I would write most of my posts), a couple personal projects I hope to share in due time, and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. But, now I am back and hoping to get back into the swing of writing!

This project, learning experience, is fun and easy. I had picked up a bunch of color chips from the hardware store (don’t you just love standing in front of that wall of color!!!) to have as props when going on walks, exploring the autumn colors in the backyard, and for placing on the boys communication center/ nature table. For the first part of this project, I set up a tray in the kitchen while Arthur was playing in the living room. On the tray I placed a bunch of branches with different kids of fungus on them that George and I had collected on one of our nature walks along with the color chips and a magnifying glass.


When Arthur came in, I introduced him to the new way to study the fungus. Away he went trying to match colors and in true Arthur style, he moved beyond the original project.



Matching the lines of color on the tray…


then the chair.


Once we were done in the kitchen, he wanted to check out the other nature treasures we had found on the walk. So I placed the bottles on the table for better observation.


Right away Arthur went for the green of the evergreen needles.



And because it is Arthur…we have to get all senses involved.


We then started to talk about the different kinds of seeds that were on the table. What do they look like? How are they the same? Different? How might they spread?



By wind?



Maybe by touch…like by an animal or person? Now Arthur is very tactile…so, to say he loved this part would be an understatement.


How do they feel? How do they fall?




Arthur had a blast…and what a great way to combine learning and fun!

Setting the nature study table back up.



Over time, we added a few more items to the table as we were now interested in finding more seeds on our nature walks.


A post on that soon!


5 thoughts on “A color study: fungus…and some seeds

  1. Thanks for the comment Rachel. I love these activities too. I leave the nature table set up so that the boys can check it out whenever…It is great seeing them go back to explore the items at other times!

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