You Rock Valentine

final 2

Even though Valentine’s Day was a couple of weeks ago, I thought I would share what the boys made for their classes. This was a multi step, multi day project, which was nice, but required some planning. We first spent time collecting smooth, flatish rocks from our local beach. Now, it was a REALLY cold day and hours before a major snow storm was going to hit (was planning ahead for some indoor project time), so we didn’t last very long. However, it was long enough to collect a good sized bag of rocks! The next part of the project required painting the rocks. I got out red and white paint, for them being valentines and all. This way the boys were also able to mix the paints and get a variety of shades of pink. As we were painting, Arthur requested glitter, soooo out came the glitter.

boys paint rocks

GOL paint rock

ATL paint rock

And glitter.

ATL glitter rock

After the rocks were painted, we finished painting the paper that was our tablecloth. This paper would later serve as the paper for heart cutouts/ punchouts. Of course, Arthur also wanted to add glitter to the paper.

paper paint

pink paper

When the rocks were dry it was time to assemble the Valentines. Arthur was very particular about which rock went to which student and teacher. His reasons for why each individual would like each particular rock were fantastic. I loved how he was so sure and put so much though into this part.

rocks painted

rock matching

Next we tied the cards to each rock with a long piece of white and a long piece of red ribbon. At first, I tied the card so it was closer to the top of the rock, but after a few, found that it was better to have the card toward the “bottom” of the rock.

heart final

final 4

On the front of the card, I wrote, “You Rock!” and Arthur glued on each child’s symbol. At Arthur’s school, each child has a special symbol that stays with them throughout their time in preschool. So, if they are unable to write or read their or their friends’ names, they are able to mark their work or find their belongings by their symbol. It gives a great sense of identity. Don’t you just love that?!! Anyway, Arthur glued on each child’s symbol and on the back we signed his name and he glued on some punched out hearts from the dried painted paper.

final 3

back of card

Here is a shot of the final rocks. We had a blast with this project. I also see how this project could work as a gift, so it does not have to be tied down as a Valentine.

final all

George’s cards were a bit more simple. We took some old paper shopping bags and cut out little cards with fun scissors. Then, he punched out hearts from the strips of paper and glued them on. Simple, but beautiful I think.

heart punch

GOL heart punch

GOL valentines

Let me know if you try out the “You rock” rocks!


7 thoughts on “You Rock Valentine

    • Thanks so much Phyllis for recognizing my blog!!!! It is nice to know that it is meaningful to you and others. Always hoping to pass on ideas as well as gain some from others;-)

  1. Davina~ MY ROCK is appreciated every day – it sits on my desk, right next to my computer. I love seeing the boys in action with this oh so meaningful work. What an effort!! (You’ve earned a “bye” next year — a quick trip to CVS for punch-out hearts with Spiderman on them?) Amazing!!! ~Alice

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