Storm Branch Catapult

So, a little while back, we had a quick storm breeze through. I have been meaning to post these pictures for a while, for they show what can happen when you just sit back and let kids “play”. Continue reading


Sorting Shells

With the weather turning warmer, we have been venturing to one of our favorite destinations for play and exploration: the beach. Over the past couple trips we have collected some shells, rocks, seaweed, rock snails, and crabs. We got to build sand castles and we, and I really mean Arthur here, got to release some energy and romp around  in the waves during high tide… Continue reading

A New Outdoor Playscape

My boys love to be outside. I love to be outside. Therefore, we are outside as much as possible. It is a great place to run, jump, explore, and to also learn. Lots of playful learning opportunities! So, we had this ‘dead’ corner in our yard and I so wanted to turn it into a place that fostered creativity, exploration, and play. Continue reading

Constructing a Quick Outdoor Fort

Our neighbor recently trimmed branches from the trees that lined our mutual driveway. They have been in a pile for a few days, so I figured we could use a few to help create a fort. This was super easy and took us maybe 5-10 minutes. I think we did pretty well, I mean, I am not sure if Bear Grllys is going to contact us any time soon, but  I am happy with what we came up with! The boys had a great time… Continue reading