Painting Sticks

painted sticks

Last weekend, we had a very cold and wet two days ahead of us. So, I was anticipating a lot of indoor time. To preserve our sanity, I had to think up a few quick projects to keep us busy. A while back, I had had a conversation with one of Arthur’s amazing teachers about how I had wanted to paint sticks with the boys. She too was doing a great series of stick art with the students. One morning they used different colored tape to make stick creations. The next, wire, and then the third day out came the paint.

So, first thing after breakfast this past Saturday morning, we ran into the backyard and collected a bunch of sticks. After bringing them inside, I filled up two paint trays with paint. One tray cool colors, the other warm. Real quick, I talked with the boys about this concept. However, they were ready to paint. Arthur was already pointing out the first stick he wanted.

picking sticks

And off they went.

hard at work

GOL paint 2 GOL paint

ATLpaint 2 ATL paint

boys painting

They had a blast with this and Arthur did not stop until every last one of the sticks was painted.

table paint

finished sticks finished 3

For display, I knew I wanted to put them in glass vases. First, I put them along side what I already had on the dining room table.

table sticks 3 vase of sticks

But, that was a bit too much. I wanted something a bit more simple. I got out some beautiful cuts of wood from a dear friend’s tree that blew over in  one of the many storms that hit us this past winter. I liked this much better.

table sticks 2

table sticks

I have already gotten many compliments on the sticks. Such beauty, and so simple! Try it out.


Seed Study Continued

seed set up 2

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A color study: fungus…and some seeds


Happy New Year! I apologize for my break in posts. The past couple months have been filled with numerous birthdays, the birth of my first niece (!), my sister’s wedding, relatives visiting from Holland, sickness, George going on a nap strike (when I would write most of my posts), a couple personal projects I hope to share in due time, and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. But, now I am back and hoping to get back into the swing of writing!

This project, learning experience, is fun and easy. Continue reading

Nature Nature Walk Walk Walk

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Summer Nature Walk

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