Beach Discovery and Sorting

Today was one of those days that I dream about: beautiful crisp autumn air, crystal blue skies with sporadic puffy white clouds that look like they were painted by an old Dutch master, and the slight breeze that hints the smells of Fall. So, even though both Scott and I had mountains of work to do, and he had already spent time this morning in the backyard sorting leaves with the boys,

we knew that if we spent anymore time in the backyard we would all go batty. The beach, the beach was the answer. While Scott loaded the kids in the car, I quickly grabbed a few things to help make our time at the beach productive. A blanket, sorting trays, magnifying glasses, a measuring tape, and a ruler would do the trick. Once at the beach, I placed them out for the boys to take advantage of.

Here is what we discovered this morning…

Right off the bat, Arthur and Scott found an amazing partial fish skeleton…check out those teeth!

George grabbed a magnifying glass and looked at…well who knows, the sand, the sky, or in true George form, for snack.

So, after George found snack, we walked down to the water and saw a monarch butterfly. George loved following it around and checking it out.

Then, we checked out the footprints in the sand, guessing who may have made them.

Meanwhile, Arthur was walking down the beach with Scott collecting items for the sorting trays.

When we got down there, Arthur was having a wonderful learning experience in the waves. I just let him “play”, hoping my picture-taking wouldn’t disturb him.

Feeling the texture of the sand and water….

Placing a rock into the waves and seeing how the water moved around it and how the sand was shifting…

Making mounds of sand and watching the waves slowly wash it away…

I am in awe at how many learning experiences Arthur just had in that short span of discovery. My favorite part, I didn’t say a word.

Next, we picked up a few bivalves that were still intact. We commented on how the one looked like the wings of a moth. Funny how nature’s patterns repeat.

With shells in hand, we walked back down the beach to see what George was up to…

What mom?! They make a cool sound…

Between the rock throwing, Scott found an awesome telson from a horseshoe crab.

Back to the magnifying glasses.

A quick break for Arthur’s favorite Noroton Fire Department truck that showed up at the beach…

Once back at the trays, Arthur took advantage of the ruler and measuring tape. He is really into measuring things at the moment.

So, finally, here are some pictures of the trays the boys, and Scott, put together.

And of course…their rocks.

What a fantastic morning at the beach!


11 thoughts on “Beach Discovery and Sorting

  1. What a stunningly lovely day of fun and learning at the beach. Your role as an assistant to your your children’s learning is admirable. I find I interfere too much and am trying to learn from people like you who seem to have the perfect touch naturally. I am so enjoying learning from you and your blog. Bless you.

    • Phyllis, thank you so much for your kind comment. Thank you, I try to find ways to let the boys explore on their own, sometimes setting out the right tools help. I too, though, have to remember to sometimes just step back (which can be hard;-)) and see what they come up with….and please, do not underestimate what you do with your kids…you have been doing an AMAZING job!!!!

    • Thanks Ness! We had a great day…and my husband ended up taking them back the next day for more exploring!!!! The beach can be such a great place for play and learning!

      • Happy New Year Davina! Hope you are all well. 🙂 I’ve popped back to read this again. We are heading to the beach tomorrow morning and I wanted to read this as a reminder to stand back and observe, and just let R explore and discover independently. Your words struck me so much, about hoping your picture taking wouldn’t disturb Arthur, and how you didn’t say a word, just letting him play. I need to remember those words tomorrow. I also love the “tools” you brought along. I’ll be grabbing the tape measure and magnifying glass tomorrow too.

      • Thanks for checking out the post again! We spend a lot of time at the beach when it is warm, but this day really was one of my favorite. I still go back and forth with the picture taking…not even bringing my camera many times anymore when we go on adventure walks and the such…however, when I do, I think the few pictures have not disturbed them too much.
        I can’t wait to hear how your trip went!!! And happy New Year to you too!!!

  2. What a great idea! My daughter has been so into sorting lately~ she would just love this. And it’s been too long since I’ve been to the beach!

  3. We just went to the beach yesterday and my son got a big stash of rock collection! I like the idea of having a tray to keep the collection. Thanks for sharing.

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