Gluten-free Ice Cream Sandwich

I could really use one of these right now. I made them a couple of weeks ago and they really hit the spot. First I whipped up a batch of my gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, which you can find here. Continue reading


Oatmeal Snack Bites (gluten-free)

I have been in a big gluten-free snack rut recently and those who know me know I am a snacker. A big snacker. So, this rut has been a problem. I needed something quick and easy and that was just a couple of bites. Continue reading

Chocolate Dunked Rice Crispy Treats

I am big on dunking things in chocolate. For years, my sister has been making me this AMAZING ginger bunt cake for my birthday. It has a wonderful rich chocolate glaze over the top. We always have extra chocolate left over, so we would dig through the pantry and counter top to cover everything from pretzels, to bananas, to graham crackers, and chips. I have not grown out of this love. So, recently I have been craving a new snack…and these felt like a great idea. And, I made them with brown rice crispies….so they are healthy right?! Continue reading

Old-time Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Those who know me, know that I used to make a mean chocolate chip cookie. I love a great chocolate chip cookie. So again, when setting out on this new journey of having to be gluten-free, I longed for those familiar foods- like my chocolate chip cookies, like my banana muffins. Continue reading