Chalk Letter Games

We love the possibilities that can come about when you use chalk outside. This is one of our favorite outdoor chalk games. Not only does it get the boys moving and playing, it also gets them thinking. Playful Learning at work! All I do is write all the letters on the driveway and make a shape around each letter. This time it was circles. Sometimes I spread the letters out (do not have them in order) so that the boys can run around and find the letters when they put together the alphabet. However, this time I put them in order but in a wind around pattern. Does that make sense?

This way they were able to walk the alphabet and say the letters. This particularly was great for George (just turned 2). Here are some of the other activities we did with the chalk letters.

  • Find the letter (fill in letter). This too was a great activity for George.
  • I had Arthur trace the letters to work on his own writing. He then would find a new spot and write the letter on his own.

  • We would find objects in the yard and then he would find the letter they began with. Then, he would place the object on the letter. “What does ‘ball’ begin with?”

  • I would say, “Find something that begins with ‘S’ (fill in letter)” and he would have to search the yard. He could bring it back to place on the letter or show the object to me…like a tree.

  • We also worked on spelling simple words and our names. They would have to spell it out and run to each letter. Then, you can sit down and write it out.

Can you think of some other activities to do with these chalk letters?

Here are some other pictures of the activity!

Thanks for checking out the post, and please share if you have some other fun learning ideas to do with chalk letters!

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