Summer Nature Walk

Those of you who remember our Looking for Spring nature walk, know how much we love exploring at the New Canaan Nature Center. It is one of our ‘goto’ places when the weather is warm, or cold, and if we need to fill a couple of hours or even just 1/2 of one. We love it. So, this morning since the weather was delightful and Arthur had been requesting a walk at the Nature Center, off we went to look for signs of Summer. So glad I brought my camera along this time, for I got some memorable pictures. Here are a bunch from our morning walk.

Right off the bat, we went to our favorite frog observing, ahumm catching, pond.

Looking for frogs by listening to their calls. George was very excited about the green duck weed. “Pond is GREEN!”

Excited to see tadpoles!!! Can you spot them?

Dad caught a frog, with his HAND…great work!!!

Letting the frog go and observing where he goes.

Off down the boardwalk to see how the grasses have grown….or just to run.

Remember that bit about running?

George’s tumble into the bushes – “I OK!! I fall down. Go run now!” – was a great impromptu lesson on hitchhiker seeds.

Back to running/ exploring. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any snakes sunning themselves on the boardwalk today…those little feet were kind of loud!

A great spot to see deer…and check out the bee hives.

Checking out our favorite observation tower.

George: “I monkey…ehh, ehh, ahh, ahh!”

“Mom, I look at you from down there. Now, come on! We go this way!”

Still no snakes…

Time to take a break and listen for birds…

..enough of that, time for “Me jumping!!! Jump, Jump!”

We did that for a while. ” Ok, George, let’s go find Dad and Arthur. They are looking for ducks…No George, this way.”

“Bye mom, I go this way!” (giggle, giggle)

After running after him and spotting a deer track in the mud…

…we caught up with the other half. Arthur was very excited to show us the frogs and turtles he had found.

Checking out one of the many dragonflies.

Then, onto the bird observation tower. Today, I think they just liked opening and closing the door and look out the holes…

Off to the apple orchard, via, another boardwalk.

As Arthur and Scott walked ahead, George took his time hugging, ok “me climbing” trees. I like to think he was hugging them…that’s my boy, just like his mom. Next, he will be sleeping (ahemm, protesting) in them;-)

Catching up with dad…and running out of steam.

The last pond…where we saw a Canada goose.

Arthur wanted to show me one more “special place to see frogs, mom. Come, come in here!”

The “path” was a little bit overgrown…but Arthur still found it!

Listening for frogs….we saw lots of them hidden back in here.

“Georgie, come in here! Closer, closer.”

Finding grapes too.

Ok, time to work our way out of this secret garden/ pond.

On our way down the final path toward the car, we spotted some berries. It was another great day exploring the summer season at the Nature Center!!

Thanks for reading and checking out our pictures!

Have you taken any fun seasonal walks recently?

9 thoughts on “Summer Nature Walk

  1. Davina… Beautiful photos! And what a great spot that is for exploring! Looks like you all are enjoying the summer. Best wishes, Erin

    • Thanks Erin for checking out the post!!! Yes, we are having a fun, busy filled summer. The New Canaan Nature Center really is one of our favorite places to explore and see the changes throughout the seasons. So lucky to have it right around the corner from us! I hear your kiddos are having a fun summer too…something about giant bubbles!!! Thanks again, and I do hope we can get the crews together soon.
      All the Best.

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