Printmaking with Cars and Toys

This morning was a morning. The boys still had lingering coughs so we skipped our usual Wednesday morning playgroup. So, with it raining, once again, we had a day indoors. We played with legos, we built forts, we washed the windows, had snack, we raced cars, we played with play dough, we worked on patterns…and that got me thinking. Wheel patterns, toy patterns – lets paint, lets do some printmaking. While the boys constructed a raceway out of blocks, I set up…

First, I collected an assortment of cars and toys that had fun patterns and that I knew could be washed easily.

Then, I set up the easel, poured the paint into larger bowls and trays, stripped down the boys and away we went…

All done.

Happy Kids….

Someone is ready for a snack…time for a bath first.

I think they came out really well. Here are some of my favorite shots.

All done and bathed and it was only 10:07 am…so, off to the construction zone down the street!!!

What fun printmaking activities do you do?


6 thoughts on “Printmaking with Cars and Toys

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